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3D Stop Motion with the iPad

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Now that is magical. I am referring to the above short film by BERG and Dentsu London, a creative exploration of the theme ‘making future magic’.

In a world that is increasingly populated with electronic displays of various sizes, it’s hard to imagine how city life would be without these ‘glowing rectangles’. Or, on the other hand, what would media look like beyond exploring the world though these two-dimensional portals? So starting with a device that embodies many aspects of modern media, the team has created this stop-motion film not on the iPad, but with the iPad.


A series of frames are obtained by taking cross-sectional slices of a three-dimensional model. When these frames are cycled on the iPad screen, they look like randomly generated lines and shapes. The magic happens when the iPad is dragged to extrude the model into open space while a long-exposure photo gets captured. Thousands of such photographs are taken, with each one making up a single frame in the video you just saw.


The magical beings hovering over the set makes me wonder what our world may look like if digital pixels are not bound to our flat displays, but are free to wander around and interact with us. As much as I would like to see that happen, it’s still science fiction for now, but with a tablet and DSLR in hand, and probably the help of some animation software, we can now create our very own stop-motion sci-fi film! This hidden feature of the iPad (which I bet not even Steve Jobs is aware of) is much cooler than playing with a laser pointer with long-exposure shots =P


via Fast Company’s Co.Design and BERG

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