I’m an occasional baker and my most recent fascination has been cupcakes. They satisfy a sweet tooth that doesn’t stop itching and are aesthetically alluring. But the cupcake is never complete without the swirls and decorations that go on top of it because if it weren’t there, it would just be a muffin. However, you need expensive equipment with those; different nozzles, food colouring, sprinkles, etc. Not to mention time and patience, but now you can forget all that with Ticings, the DIY edible application.


This easy peel-and-press garnish features series ranging from holidays to sushi and have ones that go on cakes, brownies and more. There is also the option of creating your own design if you don’t find the one you’re looking for. You can also finish it off with assortments from Ticings like chocolate shavings, sprinkles and nuts. They stick to any soft frosting surface and are completely tasteless, kosher, gluten-free and FDA certified; all for $15-$60 depending on the size of the set.

Ticings were created by Anne Keenan Higgins who is known for her cartoon-like stationary. She brings her talent over to the baking community so it can be shared.

This item is more of a fun product but this just shows how more and more people are coming up with simpler ways to do tasks that are time consuming. The world is currently in a “hurry-scurry” mode where the goal is to do things as quickly as possible. So it’s only natural for products like Ticings to sprout up.

Another factor that plays into creating new gadgets is savings. With the economy failing a while back and it not recovering as fast as people expected, it’s fair to say that objects that put more change in your pocket are always a good thing.
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  • ecee

    I want these! They look so fun :D

  • Tarynhiroshima

    anne keenan higgins is one of several artists hired to create images for ticings, however the creator is an L.A. based designer by the name of mia natsume…

  • http://twitter.com/manleyh Manley H

    Thank you Taryn, you’re right! The original article I read mentioned Anne but I guess they were wrong as well. I’ll be making the changes ASAP!