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Samsung Gadgets at Holiday Preview


Vidafine has recently been invited to a Samsung preview showcasing their lineup of products for the holiday season. As the self-proclaimed geek at Vidafine + prospective owner of the Galaxy Tab, I of course signed myself up for this opportunity. While I was definitely planning to spend some quality time with the newcomer to the tablet family, I also promised myself to give all the other gadgets the attention that they deserve. Here are the toys that really wow’ed me.

The Series 9 LED TV


Right when I walked into the showroom, I was greeted with a 55-inch TV showing a 3D cartoon. I personally am not a big fan of having to wear 3D glasses to watch TV, but the lightweight eyeware was quite impressive. It was not too long afterwards that I noticed why the product was prominently featured when I walked around the big screen… this was WAY too thin for a 55-inch TV. In fact, it was way too thin for any TV; it was thinner than my iPhone!


Excluding the mounts, the Samsung flagship TV has its entire screen area at 0.3 inch thickness. I later discovered that Samsung pushed all the electronics off to the base, and the screen area basically consists of a 55-inch panel inside its metal casing. With its slick control buttons that slide out from the base, and a feature-packed remote control that can dual as a TV screen, this was definitely the highlight product of the show.


LED Pico Projector


While the Pico is not exactly sub-atomic as its name suggests (just as the iPod is not really nano), it is definitely the smallest useful projector I have seen. This little cube is quite bright for a LED projector running on battery and can be operated in a self-contained mode without any cables attached. It can pretty much decode all the standard document formats (MS Office, TXT, PDF, JPEG, MPEG) stored in its 1 GB of internal memory. Of course, the Pico also has various input ports if you intend to use it for more than document viewing.


Galaxy Tab


Last but not least, the hands-on-time with the Galaxy Tab at the Samsung Mobile station! I have been in search of an all-in-one device that I can conveniently bring everywhere for general browsing and ebook reading, with a screen-size that would allow me to blog on-the-go and make good use of GPS mapping. I was quite impressed when I saw the Galaxy Tab preview at Engadget this September; it seems to have many more features packed into an easy-to-carry-around form factor in comparison with the iPad.


After spending a good half hour with the Galaxy Tab, I was definitely very impressed with the responsiveness of the UI and all its capabilities. I would say it is truly an all-in-one device. Smooth video playback, cameras for Skype calls and quality photos, along with some of the more advanced and user-friendly features. The Android Froyo feature to turn the phone into a mobile hotspot where other WiFi-enabled devices can connect through to access the Internet is definitely a useful feature for me. Another thing I really liked was the Mail App in landscape mode that makes use of the wide aspect ratio screen to provide an Outlook-like email management experience with a left sidebar. Email management and text input is definitely a lot more usable in comparison to a phone-sized device. Overall it’s a solid tablet that lives up to its promises, so Galaxy Tab it is!

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    To address the LED TV wall mount question Wilson asked me on Facebook, you just tell the base to “transform!!!”

    Check it out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7l5CmS0an0