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HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

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You know that myth that keeps going around about robots taking over the world? Well with this little (or not) device, that saying just seems to be more and more real. The Intelligent Water Bottle is the world’s first interactive water bottle by HydraCoach with a built-in computer that calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your fluid consumption and motivates you to achieve and maintain your level of hydration. In other words, it tells you when you’re thirsty and how to make it so you keep hydrated throughout the day.

When I first stumbled onto this invention, I thought it was a bit absurd because who knows how much water I should be drinking other than myself? But then I thought about all those times I was too caught up with school, work, and everything in between to think about being hydrated. Then I started thinking about everyone I knew and how they could benefit from it as well.


The computer in the HydraCoach bottle is a small device that is made up of a low pressure, liquid flow sensing mechanism that is linked to the display you see on the outside. Nestled between the drinking port and where the water is held, the complete system provides an accurate measurement of fluid intake for proper hydration based on your age and weight.

The bottle sells for only $23 USD, which is surprisingly affordable for something that can be so helpful. People nowadays are constantly on-the-go and don’t even have time to breathe. That’s why inventions like smart phones and quick meals are so popular. By incorporating more than one thing into a product, individuals will find it easier to maintain their lives or get things done. More and more of these are sprouting and it’s no surprise that they are selling.

The bottle itself is popular with those that have tried it but it is a product that hasn’t gained much attention. No one really knows why but staying hydrated is something many overlook and with time being the most important factor, this invention might be what we’re looking for.

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