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duracell charging mat mygrid wireless

Over the last couple of days, I saw this circulating around the web and felt it was too practical of a product to pass up on talking about. It seems as though you can bid farewell to the countless number of wires that get tangled when you reach in to charge your phone, mp3 player, and whatever else you own with a cord. Duracell’s recently announced their myGrid charging mat which allows you to place your rechargeable handheld gadget on it and it will revitalize the battery on the device. The only wire needed to be plugged in will be the myGrid obviously, and it can charge up to 4 devices at once.

Although you still need a Power Clip or a Power Sleeve to attach onto your device (specific to brands and provided by Duracell of course), it sure beats having ten different cords intertwined with one another. Currently it works for selected Apple, Motorola, Nokia and Blackberry products but I’m sure we’re bound to see other big names climb on board in the near future. You can chalk up one for Duracell in the functionality department. For those of you who are anxious to pick one up, I’m sad to say that they won’t be out for a couple more weeks. But the good thing is it will be priced quite fairly at $85 USD.

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