iQ Refillable Cartridge Cleaners


Did you know that all your household cleaners contain more water content than the actual cleaning solution? That’s right, your trusty cleaning product contains mostly of what you can easily get from your tap. Canadian startup company Planet People “tapped” into the innovative idea of completely eliminating water content from cleaning products. Their cleaning product named iQ is a 3.5″ tall refill cartridge of concentrated cleaning solution. To use it, simply add tapwater into their specially designed, multi-use spray bottle, insert the cartridge and then twist on the spray nozzle to start releasing the cleaning agent into the water. Once the cartridge runs out, just buy a new one and reuse the same spray bottle.


As companies continue to better their packaging to reduce their environmental impacts, Planet People have kicked off with the next big revolution in sustainable cleaning products. First, it significantly reduces plastic waste with a reusable bottle and cartridge system. That means much less plastic at our municipal landfills. Next, because there is no water content in the cleaning product, iQ is small and light to ship and handle. The result is less fuel consumption and a much lower carbon footprint. With a lower cost to the environment, it also means a lower cost for us as well.


Smart packaging isn’t the only thing smart about the product. iQ currently comes in four different formulas: all purpose, bathroom, glass and floor. All cleaning formulas are made from non-toxic plant and natural ingredients. Good for the environment and your hands.

I often cringe at the thought of product “greenwashing” where companies make empty promises and gimmicky environmental solutions (here is a really good resource if you want to read more into greenwashing). iQ‘s packaging is so clever and so obvious, I really hope to see more of these on shelves! I’m excited to test out the product as iQ was nice enough to send over a few samples for us at Vidafine to try out. I will let you know how it goes : )

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  • Theresa

    This company (Planet People) is actually working on the floor above us in our building..!! It's cool seeing their products on this site. The company let us sample some of their products to take home and we actually use them in our shared lunchroom too. They smell amazing and they work pretty good too (not to mention their cool cartridges!).. I especially love that they are enviro and pet friendly :)

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    The product makes a lot of sense. One of those 'I wish I thought of that!' ideas =)