Lufdesign Round Up


If you’ve been following Vidafine since last year, you will know that we are particularly interested in what the Korean designers are working on, evident in our NOTHING dESIGN GROUP posts here, and here. Our fellow Vidafine-r is actually in Korea right now scoping out the scene (p.s. It was his birthday earlier this week, so give him a shout if you’re on Twitter!). So our profile of Lufdesign from Korea should be of no surprise!


What drew me to this company specifically wasn’t their imaginative designs (though they are pretty awesome as you will see), but their company’s mission to continually help those communities around them. Organizations like Save the Children and environmental causes benefit from the company’s sales profits. So here I want to profile a few of their products that well, make life that much lovelier.


Fork and Cream Sauce is meant to tidy up those loose cables that lie around in a cluttered workspace. Kinda like cleaning up a plate of messy spaghetti sitting on top of cream sauce on a plate, Lufdesign compares. It looks especially good when paired up with iPhone and iPod cables as they are white too Lufdesign states, but I say, why not pair it up with tan coloured cables so it really resembles pasta on a plate!


Next we have Leaf Tie, which comes in a packet of about 10-12 useful for tying up loose cords or just about anything you can put a tie around! The variety of colours available will suit an assortment of products. The design of the product when wrapped around cords is meant to resemble a leaf on a twig. It’s meant to remind us about being eco-conscious of our actions. It’s also a nice reminder for those of us living in the city, of the majestic natural surroundings that we are around us.


Finally, the FlyingStick is a bit of a stretch for me, but it seems like a really fun idea and I wouldn’t mind playing around with it if I got the chance! The device is essentially a toy propeller that flies through the sky once ‘spun’. The difference is that there is a small camera that is built into the body of the stick, snapping photos as the ‘chaser’ tries to catch the device. The moments captured are fun and natural and how often do you get to take aerial pics of yourself?


You can purchase the above items (except for the FlyingStick, for now) here, and feel good that you are at the same time contributing to a greater cause!

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