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Paintlounge: Everyone is an Artist


Vidafine was recently invited to the launch party for Paintlounge, a new tea shop that offers canvas painting as entertainment to its patrons. The concept is relatively simple, you purchase a modestly priced empty canvas, use the provided tools and paints and start creating your art masterpiece. Take all the time you need to paint your canvas and when you’re finished, you get to take it home with you and brighten up that plain white wall.


Nestled in a plaza in the suburbs north of Toronto, its rare to see such creative and innovative companies set up shop far away from the downtown core. Paintlounge also serves a variety of teas, coffees and home baked goods to keep your palette wet while and stomach full while painting.

If you’re up for something new and bored of movie night at the theaters, this would definitely be it. I can hear the complaints already: ‘I’m no artist’ and ‘I don’t know how to paint’ and to let you in on a little secret, neither are the co-founders of this new venture. Samantha and Beverly are both graduates from Engineering programs and starting up a creative painting tea lounge would perhaps be an unlikely career path. However, they’ve put a good deal of time into their shop and it shows. From the home cooked baked goods and french pressed teas to the painted bathroom decorations and the creative studio in the back, Paintlounge is worth checking out. There’s an artist in everyone and you’re more creative than you think.


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