Haute Couture Art: Iveta Karpathyova

iveta karpathyova 9

Iveta Karpathyova is a self-motivated creative genius. An emerging fashion illustrator, Iveta has combined her educational background in fashion with her talent for visual art to create and foster a successful business for herself

iveta karpathyova 1

Iveta’s work is full of energy and movement. Her unique juxtaposition of colourful texture against white negative space draws attention to both the richness of the fashion designs depicted and the elegant simplicity of the human form. This recent Ryerson University grad draws inspiration for her work from photography (especially that of Hedi Slimane), music, film, magazine layout, and various art movements. Her highly stylized images have graced the pages and webspace of several magazines such as Glossy, Lush, and Vive.

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In addition to blogging from her Paris home base as well as her regular contributions to the London-based Glossy Magazine, Iveta is constantly collaborating with other artists and designers on creative projects. Iveta recently told Vidafine that her fans can look forward to an upcoming partnership with Toronto-based videographer and graphic designer Ronald Wan. In the meantime, you can find Iveta’s portfolio, photo journal, and blog on her website, www.ivetaka.com.

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All photos courtesy of www.ivetaka.com.

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