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Lodekka Vintage Shop on Wheels


In northeast Portland, you’ll find, at the corner of Williams and Failing, a 60′s double decker bus. Thinking it’s a tourist attraction, you’ll probably think it’s a tourist trap. If you look closer however, you’ll see that it’s a vintage shop on wheels. The shop, called Lodekka, is owned by Erin Sutherland. She believes she has the best job in the world because of her love for fashion and all things vintage.

The name of the shop comes from the model of the bus, which is a 1965 Bristol Lodekka. Sutherland renovated the vehicle with her friends after losing her job a few months ago and had nothing else to do. Portland is a city that has a very successful “meals on wheels” business so Sutherland wanted to try it with clothes.


She’s constantly on the lookout for new (or old rather) items that she can add to the bus of treasures. Sutherland loves talking to customers about what they find. Items from their childhood are a popular topic as well as cool finds. Lodekka also has Facebook and Twitter page for avid followers.


Although Sutherland had to get fired before she came up with the idea, it turned out to be the better option. She is a much happier person with something that she created herself. While the bus doesn’t move, it saves Sutherland a lot of money. She has fans that circulate air and being a bus, it has multiple windows! There is no circuit wiring for electricity, just lamps and the sun.

Anyone see something similar where you live? Let us know!

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