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What if we lived in a country where violence against women was perceived to be normal? Where spousal abuse, rape and other sexual violence is described to be the worst on the entire planet?

We would be living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

What if we lived in a country where much of the economy was fueled on the sale of blood diamonds? Where the working conditions of those in the diamond mining industry were deplorable, dangerous and directly attribute to fueling wars?

We would be living in Sierra Leone.

What if we lived in a country where immigrants detained in prisons, sometimes unnecessarily, face discrimination and a lack of access to health care? Where detainees would be refused basic necessities simply due to the colour of their skin?

We would be living in Malawi.


In order to combat these human right abuses, Journalists for Human Rights was founded with the principal of making everyone in the world fully aware of their rights. As modern technology advances at a rapid rate, the tools available to communicate with each other continues to grow. As a group of socially aware journalists, jhr understands the need to create rights awareness as a first step in ending human rights abuses. jhr believes that never in history has the media been more powerful; with this in mind they hope to capitalize on their goal.

To date, jhr has worked with local media partners to produce over 3,000 human rights stories across Africa. Founded in 2003, they have programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and Malawi. Their stories reach over 20 million Africans on a weekly basis as a way to educate, inspire and create positive social change.

On April 8th, 2011, Vidafine has been graciously invited to attend jhr’s 8th Annual Night for Rights event. Set as one of the biggest and trendiest charitable events in Toronto, it’s a space to meet and greet others united in this cause and hear from several influential media speakers.


Headlining the show this year is a pre-party reception with many of Toronto’s media personalities, live jazz, deluxe cocktails, and what I’m personally looking forward to – a speaker series with jhr’s Co-founder and Executive Director, Ben Peterson and Editor of the Toronto Star, Michael Cooke. In charge of emcee duties is Peter Armstrong, the host of CBC’s World Report, Canada’s most-listened-to radio news program.

The main event begins at 9pm with performances from the rock band The Running Red Lighs and DJ DLUX. With stellar giveaways and a complimentary bar set at the classic 99 Sudbury Glass Factory and Lounge venue, it looks to be quite a night.

Vidafine will be providing live coverage in the form of live-tweets and snapshots of the night. Follow us @Vidafine for more and feel free to connect with us at the event!

Event details, tickets and more can be found here.

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