Borne out of a need for individuality and personalization, this concept of customization and even going as far as DIY has really picked up steam. Being unique has almost become a prerequisite in the lives of not just trend setters but the majority of Western-influenced generations after baby boomers.
Community DIY Synergy 

Paintlounge: Everyone is an Artist


Vidafine was recently invited to the launch party for Paintlounge, a new tea shop that offers canvas painting as entertainment to its patrons. The concept is relatively simple, you purchase a modestly priced empty canvas, use the provided tools and paints and start creating your art masterpiece. Take all the time you need to paint your canvas and when you’re finished, you get to take it home with you and brighten up that plain white wall.

DIY Sustainability 

IdeaPaint Everywhere


Imagine if you can turn every surface into a canvas and unleash your creative ideas on the wall in front of you without having to worry about the clean up afterwards. I am not talking about vandalizing your neighbour’s garage door, but transforming your room into a giant whiteboard with IdeaPaint.

Although it may not be a simple product, the idea is simple: a paint that you can apply to any surface and turn it into a dry-erase whiteboard.




I’m an occasional baker and my most recent fascination has been cupcakes. They satisfy a sweet tooth that doesn’t stop itching and are aesthetically alluring. But the cupcake is never complete without the swirls and decorations that go on top of it because if it weren’t there, it would just be a muffin. However, you need expensive equipment with those; different nozzles, food colouring, sprinkles, etc. Not to mention time and patience, but now you can forget all that with Ticings, the DIY edible application.

Crowdsourcing DIY On the Go 

4food for Thought


There has been a lot of buzz around the idea of online gaming as of late especially with the rise of popular social media sites like Facebook and Foursquare which have integrated a gaming component into their applications. But what if gaming was introduced on a whole new level? What if it was integrated into your daily diet? We’ve discussed the idea of DIY heels a while back, but this month, the people at 4food have cooked up something else. A DIY burger joint that allows you to place your order for a customized burger online and try your chances at leading the pack on the 4food onsite leaderboard.


The Art of Used Lottery Tickets


We’ve all indulged in them once or twice in our lifetime; they’re one of those guilty pleasures that we take part in because what’s one or three dollars going to do? But with thousands of individuals participating daily, the lottery is one part of the economy that does not suffer (although it does waste a lot of resources like paper : ( ).

However when people hit it big, the last thing they’ll do is save. Researching how people spend their lottery winnings, artistic duo Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom, graduates of Rhode Island School of Design, have used the results to sculpt others’ desires like houses and yachts from scratch cards.


Make Your Own Jerky


The whole essence of DIY is based on the premise of customization and stems from consumers’ needs–tailoring it to their own personal liking. It is really interesting to see different companies offer their own spin on how their products can be customized. Especially with the rise of technology resulting in an increased reach to end-users, it seems that you can just about DIY anything. Take Slant Shack Jerky for instance, they’ve literally empowered you, the consumer, to tailor make beef jerky to your specific tastes.

Community DIY 

StoryCorps: The Conversations of a Lifetime

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I always wondered how my life would play out on film-in a non-celebrity kind of way. I mean, I don’t want to sound self-absorbed, but wouldn’t you be interested in capturing your life story? Perhaps recalling moments with your loved ones, learning about your heritage or sharing lessons learned? I’ve often tried to keep a journal of life’s memorable moments, but sometimes fail to update it on a weekly basis as I’m sure some of you can relate to. However, when StoryCorps was presented to me recently (their animated shorts are my favourite, which are based on their best-loved radio stories), I discovered a glimmer of hope towards preserving what I’ve been hoping to capture all along!

Community DIY 

Positive Posters Competition


Graphic Designers take note! Positive Posters is currently asking graphic designers (both aspiring and veteran) to design a poster themed around the idea of “A Glass Half Full”. Inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s notion of, “I haven’t failed; I’ve had 10,000 ideas that didn’t work”, the team at Positive Posters is encouraging submissions about optimism for the future. As the saying goes, those who believe that the glass is half full is often an optimist while those that believe that a glass is half empty tends to be a pessimist. Which one are you?