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Face of Fashion-Joy Apparel


I often find the greatest inspiration in the people that I meet. If you listen closely enough, it’s fascinating what another’s personal journey, life philosophy, or unique personality can teach you – even if this person is an ocean away, speaking a completely foreign language, or practicing a religion totally different from your own. This is the idea behind a very cool, Toronto-based T-shirt company called Joy Apparel, which features hundreds of hand-drawn portraits of people from all over the world.


The image on the shirt starts off as a stranger, but after reading their bio that comes with your shipment, they become a source of inspiration every time you put the shirt on and wear their picture by your heart. After you buy a shirt, you are then invited to become a part of the Joy Project by sharing your story and submitting your own photo, which will be drawn by hand and created onto a T-shirt for others to wear.

Joy Apparel’s concept closes the gap between strangers from all parts of the world to become neighbours who thoughtfully think of and inspire each other. It’s a concept that fosters global awareness and, with 5% of the profits from each sale going to charity, integrates social responsibility. Plus each T-shirt is certified organic, sweatshop free, and made in Canada!

Visit Joy Apparel and start spreading the joy! Whose photo would you submit?

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    This is a sick idea.