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This Cup is Green

Sustainable Red Cup

It’s that time of year again. It’s barbecue season and with barbecue season you know you need ice-y cold beverages. Associated with ice-y cold beverages are the iconic plastic red cup and many of you know where these cups end up – in the trash. But now, with these Sustainable Party Cups, forget those one time use cups and get the cup that’ll see a longer party-lifetime.

As far as any party-goer knows, as soon as their plastic red cup is put down, they may as well say their farewells forever. The only chance of a reunion is during the dreaded end-of-party clean up time when everything gets thrown away. Many of you may find yourselves feeling guilty for the amount of trash and waste you and your friends can accumulate through a few hours in a night.

Sustainable Red Cup

The one time use cups are not safe for reusing and depending where you live, may not even be recyclable; it may be hard to find a place to actually recycle the grading of plastic (check the bottom of the cup, there should be a triangle with a number in it… typical water bottles are graded one). At the end of a night of chaos, you may not even want to go through the effort of sorting what to trash and what to recycle.

Well here you have it, a sustainable cup that looks just the same but manufactured in heavy duty plastic. It’s durable, reusable and dishwasher safe. Available for purchase in packages of four on Mod Cloth, you need to get yourself a few packs for you and your friends.

Sustainable Red Cup

How can you resist the iconic plastic red cup which is now available in a sustainable version, lasting more than just one game of beer pong?

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  • aethyr

    the cup's red! =P

    interesting idea. how survivable are they when it comes to people abusing them or when they're playing crazy flip cup?

  • simone

    They're heavy duty plastic use your judgement. I'd compare them to those plastic cups that you find at Wal-Mart in the bbq section. I don't think you'll be able to play flip cup with this though… they're heavier than the typical one-time use cup.

  • ecee

    I think they are like typical thick plastic cups, as long as you don't smash it with a hammer, it should be pretty durable for even flip cup! :P

  • con

    how do you find these things? very cool, but its too bad the price is a bit much…

  • Nonconformative

    I see these getting thrown in the trash by guests who think they are just a heavier grade of disposable cup.

  • ecee

    oh no! hopefully this post/product gets circulated around so people are more cautious of the what the product is exactly!