The Art of Used Lottery Tickets


We’ve all indulged in them once or twice in our lifetime; they’re one of those guilty pleasures that we take part in because what’s one or three dollars going to do? But with thousands of individuals participating daily, the lottery is one part of the economy that does not suffer (although it does waste a lot of resources like paper : ( ).

However when people hit it big, the last thing they’ll do is save. Researching how people spend their lottery winnings, artistic duo Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom, graduates of Rhode Island School of Design, have used the results to sculpt others’ desires like houses and yachts from scratch cards.


However, they can’t just use as many cards as it takes; they specifically match the monetary value of what they are sculpting. Finding that most people spend their earnings first on a car, the duo built a full-scale Hummer using $39,000 of the cards.

Ghost of a Dream, the team’s name, have taken an activity that millions of people participate in worldwide and turned it into reality. In a sense, it really shows how much time we have consumed and what the chances of winning are (roughly 1 in 26.3 million). Although this project mostly has “cool” written all over it, they took something that usually wouldn’t have lived another day and gave it just that, a second life. I think this form of art should have it’s own category because taking small objects to make something life-sized takes a lot more determination, patience and planning.


What would you spend your first lottery winnings on? For more of their creations, visit this site. For more DIY projects using paper, have a look at The Money Folder and the Origami City masterpieces.

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