Sculpting Paper


So is paper becoming less and less important as we move over to the computer screens? While we still seem quite content with it, (e.g. like in our recent post) so too are some artists. For some of these artists, paper might be the new clay. With a couple sheets of paper and a bit of glue, amazingly elaborate paper sculptures are taking form. Sure, you might be thinking “oh, but we already have origami and paper airplanes.” But these two artists made me do a double take of how they were “sculpting” from paper.

Peter Callesen

When I work with paper, I leave only graphite and ink marks on the page. When Peter Callesen works with paper, he takes a flat piece of paper and brings out stunningly textured sculptural forms. He almost breathes life into the paper so that objects start emerging from its original paper outlines and enter into our own three-dimensional world. Peter expresses that he enjoys exploring the relationships between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional world, and with these relationships, he can work with ideas like illusion and time. For example, he attaches illusive shadows of great cities to a single pagoda. In another one, he plays with how time has elapsed through broken ruins situated in the outline of a Roman temple. In some of his other pieces, Peter shows how some of the objects such as the butterflies are struggling to escape the paper cuts that they were created from. Tragically, they remain very much connected to the outlines still. Again, all of these pieces below are made from paper and a bit of glue.




Richard Sweeney


Richard Sweeney’s works form some of the most fascinating abstract shapes. Some of his works take on a snowflake-like quality in which no two are alike. Other sculptural forms of his seem to have that architectural monument look to them which make it really difficult to think that it was paper that they were created from. Richard also uses other more durable materials like sheet plastic or cardboard. And believe it or not, many of the paper forms that he creates are only prototypes before he replicates them with the more durable materials.




via Monzuki and Peter Callesen

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