Stop Motion Chase

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With the old adage – a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s only right to assume that a thousand pictures would make one heck of a story. Takeuchi Taijin shows us just that by using quite literally hundreds of photographs in his Where The Wild Things Are-esque stop motion video. Looking back at the year which has just left us, this light-hearted stop motion story ranks pretty close at the top of my list for favourite videos of the year.

The story itself is simple and straightforward. A boy dressed up in a wolf costume chases after a pig, but it’s the execution which really leaves us in awe. The photographs are arranged to show an uninterrupted and almost mind-bending sequence of the chase which takes place in the streets and around the apartment simultaneously. It’s just mind boggling trying to imagine the intricate steps that Takeuchi had to take in order to piece this thing together. The shift in camera angles of the chase and nifty ending definitely add to the impressiveness of the video.

It just goes to show what amazing things you can produce with a little creativity and hard work.

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    seems like these stop motion films are becoming very popular. wonder how long it takes to make one of these… this one's especially fun =)

  • will

    not only was that very clever, it was executed perfectly! awesome find!

  • hobo

    WHAT??? That's freakin insane!!