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Positive Posters Competition


Graphic Designers take note! Positive Posters is currently asking graphic designers (both aspiring and veteran) to design a poster themed around the idea of “A Glass Half Full”. Inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s notion of, “I haven’t failed; I’ve had 10,000 ideas that didn’t work”, the team at Positive Posters is encouraging submissions about optimism for the future. As the saying goes, those who believe that the glass is half full is often an optimist while those that believe that a glass is half empty tends to be a pessimist. Which one are you?

Positive Posters is a not-for-profit poster competition that was started by graphic designer Nick Hallam in 2009. Run by volunteers based out of Melbourne, Australia, Nick’s goal through Positive Posters is to give graphic artists the ability to freely design without client related limitations and allow their work to be shared openly in public as a reminder to people everywhere to stay positive. Suggesting a different theme each year, the contest is open for submission from July to September of each year. In October, an exhibition is held for the top 30 poster designs which have been shortlisted, with a winner that is determined by a panel of international judges soon after.


change last year’s winner…

Then, 4000 copies of the winning poster is printed and pasted within the city of Melbourne and beyond! Pasting the posters all over the city and worldwide aims to inspire those who cross paths with them to stay positive and always have a smile on their faces. I think this is a really neat initiative that’s really beneficial to everyone involved. If you are interested or are traveling somewhere and would like to get your hands on copies of the poster, Positive Posters is happy to send you a few copies for you to paste around where you will be at. They’ve even had posters up in the North Pole!


They also recently had a launch party in Hong Kong that raised money to help support pasting posters in Hong Kong come October. You can learn how to be your country’s ambassador here.


So, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. What would your image be for this year’s theme? Above are a few of my favourites so far! Get your free submission in here before September 10th, 2010 and help make your communities a little bit more positive!

3D City Posters by Chloe Fleury
Create for a Cause
Dream Ball and Eyesight by Unplug Design
4food for Thought