Augmented Reality 

Bringing Business Cards to Life

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From meeting creative people interested in having their personal branding more recognizable, my understanding of business card design is that it’s something of an unspoken yet competitive contest. Almost everyone who cares about promoting themselves or their company is constantly scheming of new ideas for a business card design which would cleverly exhibit their own creativity.

Augmented Reality specialist James Alliban who provides his talented services to London based digital agency Skive, takes advantage of his craft and incorporates it into his business card. As you can see from the video, he almost quite literally brings his business card to life. For those of you interested in playing around with his interactive business card, check out his blog post where he’s got specific instructions on how to do so.

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  • http://mkgip.wordpress.com Matthew

    I think this is actually really neat. It would be quite the cool replacement for the common CV. Plus it displays presentation skills of the owner.