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Unforgetablet Expiry Date Scanner


If you are like me-a food fanatic, your fridge probably is usually pretty stocked up. Depending on what I’m craving on a particular day, I head out to the local market or grocery store and pick up the items I’ll need for my next great meal. Sometimes though, not all of what I buy gets consumed right away. That’s where this little device comes in handy. The Unforgetablet (a red dot concept design winner) is a scanner which tracks the expiry dates of food items you’ve purchased to help you stay organized.


Designed by An Sang Hyun, this practical gadget scans and registers all the appropriate information for food items bought from the grocery store before storage. Things like type of food, when it was produced and date of expiry are all easily tracked by the device. If an item does not have a bar code or a specific expiry date, you can manually create entries as well. When the time comes, the Unforgetablet, will sound, alerting the homeowners that a food item is about to expire and should be used in the next dish!


I think this device would be a great addition to any kitchen especially for people on the go. It’s hard enough to keep track of one’s professional/social schedule, let alone remember when which foods are going to go bad. Most kitchens these days are also usually cluttered with many items (at least mine is…) and who wants good food to go to waste? Of course, a simple paper and pen taped to the fridge would work too, but don’t you love the futuristic and sleek design of this gadget? I’d love to see one of these attached to my next refrigerator purchase.

Images via Tuvie

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  • Stephanie

    OMG I so need this device.
    Hey Ev, since we like cooking so much we should challenge the kitchen sometime soon…

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    it would be nice if this thing can also play mp3s, make calls, act as a remote control…

  • ecee

    so are you just saying that this should be ONE of the features for the new iPhone?