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Moleskin Custom MSK

moleskin notebooks

Moleskin notebooks have long been a favourite, if not a staple item for artists, writers, architects and other creatives. The popularity of these notebooks has stretched through continents and generations. Many like myself have found them to be readily available to jot down any thoughts while withstanding abuse. With a deep entrenched history amongst individuals with more than a dash of imagination in their blood (myself not included, Moleskin does an excellent job keeping their brand up to date). What I recently came across was their new MSK section on their site empowering users to personalize their pages. It looks relatively simple as you only need to set up the page with your desired image/text and print out your MSK page to put into your Moleskine. Brilliant idea from Moleskin to encourage the next Hemingway or van Gough to make their mark on the world in their books.

Moleskin MSK

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