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Writing material just isn’t what it used to be nowadays since most of our ‘writing’ is done either on computers or smartphones. Needless to say, companies who were in the business of producing writing materials have taken a beating and it’s even led to quite a few going out of business. Like the saying goes, only the strongest survive and in this case, Serrote has been one of the strongest in the industry by being imaginative and unique. Serrote was started by a Lisbon couple by the names of Nuno Neves and Susana Vilela in 2004. Although there are plenty of modern printing presses, Nuno and Susana were determined to find an old printery to create notebooks with movable types. And found one they did, as they finally discovered some old lead and type ornaments which were used decades ago to print invoices and business cards. So began Serrote’s quest to create original and imaginative writing material. As of now, their collection includes notebooks, cards, and prints. In May of 2008, Serrote even published their first book Minho (pictured above) – an illustrated book drawn entirely with pixels. While their entire collection is remarkable, here’s a few that really caught our attention:

A literal meaning to Notebook Computer.

12 different cards which can be used for announcements, invitations, or SMS (Serrote Messaging Service).

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