Floater Utensils

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Thinking of hosting a party with the old fashion fruit punch bowl? If so, these floating ladles designed by Seongyong Lee will definitely come in handy. I came across these the other day and really liked the concept. It’s a simple idea that helps greatly. Usually you need to lean the ladle against the edge of the punch bowl. 5 seconds later after you’ve walked away, it tends to slide under and you end up with a ladle submerged into your concoction. With this one, it won’t happen as you can see from the video above. Lee has simply added a floating device (similar to the floating balls used for fishing) onto the ladle to achieve this.

floating cutlery floating cutlery in use

The floating ladle was an offspring of his 2004 cutlery design which of course was meant to float, but at the same time create ease for the users when being used. The balls act as a gripping point for easy cutting and holding. I can definitely relate to this product just simply thinking about the dishes that I won’t have to clean by allowing the ladle to float instead of removing it from the bowl and placing it on a dish beside the punch bowl :)

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floating ladle

  • ben

    seems like it takes a large volume of water to work?