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Laser Bike Lanes

The biking revolution has gained much momentum over the years mainly due to eco and health conscious trends. Although many cities are promoting cycling to lower CO2 emissions and other environmental concerns, municipal governments aren’t actively creating biking lanes for streets in cities as installation costs as much as $5,000 to $50,000 per mile. Bikers are still constantly faced with the danger of being hit by cars that they share the roads with, especially at night. Alex Tee and Evan Grant from Altitude have come up with a concept gadget which projects a laser onto the streets creating a virtual bike lane on the pavement. This was done in hopes of allowing cyclists to ride with more confidence at night. Hopefully if it’s put into production, it will be cost effective enough for the average cyclist to afford.

Via Dustbowl

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  • ev

    where is the actual laser being projected from?

  • George

    Cool concept