More Stickers on that Wall!

A couple of months ago, we showcased some wall decals based on some popular 80’s themes. This time, we would like to show you some more modern wall decals from Mae and Chocovenyl. Mae’s fabric wall decals are removable, reuseable and toddler-friendly (and most likely adult-friendly too). The designs are highly whimsical like the babushka figurines and the seasonal dress up dolls which could be a great dinner party activity. The sock-cladded cat and her magical friends is a design by Zutto for Chocovenyl’s store. Chocovenyl likes to describe their wall decals as funtabulous and they certainly are. The wall decals are also made of fabric with designs a little more avant-garde, but still very charming and irresistible to children and to the inner-child inside of us.

babushkasautumn dolls