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Sidy Shelter Evening

Remember university living? I remember the residence I stayed at in first year – it was your typical university dorm with your standard bed and your standard desk and your standard ugly lighting. And don’t get me started on the food. One of the more redeeming qualities about it though, was the view from the window out into the quad of a quiet little sanctuary in the heart of a roaring city. So, I was curious as to what dormitories were out there and I ran across this one. These are the student designed and built shelters at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture out in Scottsdale Arizona. Talk about appropriate.

Desert Perch Shelter, Designed by Victor Sidy, 1999
Sidy Shelter Mountains

These shelters are found all around the campus at Taliesin West, which is name to the home that Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the great late American architects designed and lived in and is now the main campus of the School of Architecture. Although some of these shelters may lack privacy from all the glass and might be a little troublesome with climate control, it’s not hard to see the inspirational value that they may bring to an architecture student. Just think of the connection an individual might have with the landscape in one of these shelters. And let’s not forget students designed and built these shelters and they’re actually habitable.

Glass House, Designed by Alan Olin 1979, Improvements by Tom Payton, 1995, and Jaqueline Norman, 1998
glass house

Hook Shelter, designed by Luis Salazar, 2003

Hanging Shelter, Designed by Fatma Elmalimpinar and Fabian Mantel, 2001

Leaf Cube Shelter, Designed by Christian Butler and Michael Des Barres, 2008
cube shelter

If you are ever in Scottsdale Arizona and are an architecture buff, make sure you check this place out. Tours around Taliesin West are available to the public.

All pictures belong to Christian Butler

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