Turning Pee into Fresh Water

agua h20 leonardo manavella

In our quest to find products and designs that will enhance everyday living for many, we came across Argentine Designer Leonardo Manavella’s Agua H2O which converts urine from humans or animals into fresh drinking water in minutes! A product design concept that would solve the global crisis of freshwater scarcity and drought affected nations worldwide. Users just need to pee on the ‘Activated Carbon’ in the device which will discolour and remove any flavours from the urine to produce fresh drinking water. Below are some visual representations of this process and the design behind this product.

So the big question is…Would you drink from it?

via Yanko

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  • Ben

    u can throw it around as a football too. how multi functional!

    but the answer is no

  • e

    maybe the question is, if we provide this product to third world countries who have no access to real drinking water and THEY refuse to drink from it, should we blame them?

  • tabi

    I would drink it, yes, have any of you read Dune by Frank Herbert? the stillsuit they wear does exactly that, recycle ALL the urine and sweat into potable water.
    So, it´s a great idea! anyway I´d love to have one… at sea, in a desert, in an emergency situation…

  • ben

    fine fine…. if i am in an emergency situation, i d drink it UNFILTERED =P

  • Stoneyeyed

    MMMM. Nothing like fresh squeezed urine in the morning…..

  • Naldountld_2

    they must do one travel size lol

  • Anonymous

    This is the future. Get used to it.