Shift Chair by Simone Micheli

shift chair simone micheli industrial design

It seems like just yesterday that personal computers were introduced into the home and much effort was put into trying to blend them into living spaces. Lately though, I feel the divide between technology and our personal lives are being blurred. Take Simone Micheli’s Shift Chair for instance. Just look down at the numerical keypad of your keyboard and I’m sure you can piece together where this comfy looking chair draws inspiration from.

shift chair simone micheli industrial design

Although quite bold in its design, the polyurethane foam chair seems fitting in the room or office of any geek *ahem* such as ourselves. The Shift Chair is available at NOmadeDESIGN but at a rather hefty price tag of 2614€.

shift chair simone micheli industrial design

As seen via our friends at Gizmodiva.

  • ecee

    better not wear leather pants while sitting on this chair!

  • b.


  • ecee

    because.. it'll squeak!!