808s & Heartbreak Tour

Spike Jonze Kanye 808s Heartbreak Tour

In his repertoire of collaborations, Kanye West has worked with numerous companies and people from broad disciplines. This time he’s set to team up with Spike Jonze (director of the upcoming childhood book turned movie) and The Jim Henson Company for a European tour featuring his latest album, 808s & Heartbreak, in July with the tour expected to hit the U.S. by fall. Being a part of the generation growing up with the Muppets, we hold a soft spot in our hearts for these wide mouthed creatures created by Jim Henson. So we’re more than curious as to see what will be cooked up for the tour.

His last Glow in the Dark tour garnered positive review and this doesn’t sound like it will disappoint either. Something to lookout for.

Via AP.