Foodie Trivia

- What fermented bean paste is an essential flavouring agent in Japanese cooking?
- How much water does an oyster’s gill filter in an hour?
- What lifestyle maven has a corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticket symbol MSO?

If you can answer any of these questions or are now curious to know what the answers are, I’d like to recommend to you Foodie Fight.

I recently received this game as a gift from a good friend because she knows how much i love food!! I’ve played it a couple times and I’d like to say how hard some of those questions are! But I want to recommend it to all the foodies out there who want to strut their stuff or test their taste buds regarding everything food. This compact trivia game comes with over 1 000 questions covering six different categories.

Categories include:
Foodiesphere (questions about food people, world cuisines and food places)
Food Stars (food on film and in print, music and art)
Company’s Coming (party planning, table etiquette and wine and food pairing)
Lab and Field (Cooking science, nutrition, and food production)
Dining Out (eateries, chefs, menu matters and restaurant service)
What’s Cooking (cooking techniques, tools and ingredients).

The object of the game is to answer questions correctly in each category to fill your game card. As Iron Chef host frequently suggests, ‘Let the battle begin!’.

  • June

    YEAH! Super fun :)