MoMA Feature: Destination Brazil

destination brazil moma

Following up on their previous projects of curating products from Finland, Denmark, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Japan, and Seoul, the MoMA store brings to us this time items that are typically found in Brazil. The goal of Destination: Brazil is to introduce products from the aforementioned countries which best illustrates the colours, forms and materials found in the country.

Here’s a couple of our favourite items from Destination: Brazil,

moma brazil sushi bowl
Sushi Bowl | Humberto and Fernando Campana, 2009

moma brazil raku vase
Raku Vase | Taciana Amorim, 2008

moma brazil urban indian bracelet
Urban Indian Bracelet | Mana Bernardes, 2005

moma brazil color footstool
Color-It Footstool and Suitcase | Sabrina Arini, 2008