On the Go 

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Whether you are baking them at home or buying them from the store, cupcakes seem to be a welcomed treat by many. With the various combination of flavours and the creative designs that bakers have presented the world with, the cupcake trend continues to rise. But how else can a cupcake company innovate to meet the demands of their customers, around the clock? Sprinkles in Beverly Hills just introduced their cupcake ATM last week that allows customers to buy their delicious treats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Community DIY 

The Birthday Project and 33 Wishes

Birthdays are a special time and are definitely a cause for celebration! Many people like to call upon their good friends and family to join them in sharing their special day, while others prefer to stay low-key and simply enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Either way, you or someone close to you spends the days before your big day to help you plan a memorable event. This year, for my birthday (which happens to be on New Years Day), I decided to do something a little different than the years passed. I came across the idea of The Birthday Project just a month before my 2012 birthday and it immediately inspired me to get planning on what I would do for my ‘big day’.

The Great Outdoors 

The Treehotel in Sweden

I love tree houses! There is something nostalgic about those tiny houses perched high up in the trees overlooking serene surroundings. The Treehotel is located in Harads, near the Lule river, about 100 kilometers from Luleå airport, in Sweden. There’s no better way to experience nature than to be one with nature. Inspired by “The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen, the Treehotel hopes to connect humans to the significance of trees in our world. Don’t be fooled though, design and comfort are not compromised here. Together with some of Scandinavia’s leading architects, these “treerooms” have been uniquely designed to suspended 4-6 meters above ground – all with spectacular views of the Lule River. The company also places high regard for ecological values and takes caution in their construction and operation of the hotel.

Back to Basics The Great Outdoors 

Electree Solar Charging Station

Inspired by nature and the process of photosynthesis, this usb charging station has been designed to look and act like a bonsai tree. Electree as it is called, was designed by French designer Vivien Muller based in Metz. It has taken Muller 3 years to perfect this design as he wanted to incorporate as much of his ecological inspiration, aesthetic vision and practical functionality prior to its release. I love the look of this product and the meaning behind it.

DIY Sustainability The Great Outdoors 

Gayana Eco Resort Lets You Replant Coral

As the days grow shorter and the wind blows stronger, winter is inevitably upon us, especially here in North America. With only about a month before the winter holidays, many are looking to vacation at potential sun destinations for some much needed rest and relaxation. Gayana Eco Resort in Malaysia seems to fit the bill as it rests at the edges of a lush jungle forest on a coral reef island off the coast of Borneo. Doesn’t that already sound exquisite? What’s even more appealing is its commitment to eco-tourism, evident with its on-site Marine Ecology Research Centre that proactively is committed towards saving endangered giant clams and restoring natural coral reefs.

On the Go 

Echo Design and MUJI Touchscreen Gloves

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Owning an iPhone or any other touchscreen device during the colder months of the year will no longer be as cumbersome as it used to be. Remember the time when you had to take off your mittens to type a lengthy text that usually results in numb fingers? Thanks to MUJI and Echo Design‘s line of touchscreen gloves, we have one less thing to worry about this winter!


Organic Dolls Made from Illustrations

Being in the classroom for most of my day, I see my fair share of children’s imaginative illustrations. I love the whimsical nature of children’s drawings and seeing their perceptions of the world around them whether exaggerated or perfected. Aminals has taken that love for their children’s creative works of art and turned them into eco-friendly, loveable, huggable, and soft dolls, each accompanied by their own special story. My favourite is the Sistur’s story, “My backpack has three pockets, one of them is secret. Bees can sting you even if they are dead.”

Community The Great Outdoors 

American Express Contest: Room for Thought

There should always be room for thought. My favourite days are the days spent thinking about what my next project, great adventure or agenda will be. But with thought, should come a plan of action. American Express has put together the Room for Thought project to help make our ideas…happen! They will be providing the means and the space for lucky individuals who have great ideas and help make them a reality in Toronto, Canada in November of this year. After hearing about the contest from our friends at HUG, Vidafine is so excited to share with you the 9 finalist for the contest that started this summer. Now, American Express is taking public votes to help determine the three final winners. Once chosen, the finalist will then be directed, mentored and supported by three very distinguished individuals in the categories of Community, Travel and Adventure and Music.