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Lovable Robot USB Hubs


If you’re like me and you have a MacBook, you’re probably frustrated at the fact that it has only two USB ports so you constantly have to switch back and forth. If you have a PC, you may be fortunate to have four but with everything from external hard drives to printers to a wireless mouse; it never hurts to have a few more. Which is why there is the Robot USB Hubs with an additional four!


The robots come in six different colours (pink, red, black, light blue, gray and yellow) and each one has a different design. The USB ports are located in their arms and legs with two on each. Their LED eyes also light up when they are connected and let you know the power status.


The little things are small enough for you to carry around in your bag when you’re on-the-go but if it’s running low on battery, you can always just plug it into an AC power supply. They connect through one of your existing USB ports on your computer/laptop but it’s one for the exchange of four! And all for only $18.95! If you’re going to go around lugging computer equipment, why not go in style?

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4food for Thought
  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    If they make a LEGO-man one I'll buy it right away even though I never run out of USB ports.

  • http://www.hipurbangirl.com The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide

    Ok, this is too adorable. I want one!