The Great Outdoors 

Paradise on Earth


From Paradise Falls to Pandora’s floating “Hallelujah Mountains” (introduced to us through the movies UP and Avatar), there is no doubt that the out-of-the-world imagery shown in these movies appeal to the masses. Whether it is the will to reconnect with nature or the desire for a change of scenery, I am completely sold on these paradise concepts! So I decided to share with you a few out-of-the-world experiences, which as magical as they seem, are just one plane ticket away.



The firefall is a completely natural phenomenon at the Horsetail Fall located in Yosemite, California. During a specific time of the year, the water falling down the face of El Capitan would light up, transforming the area to resemble the colour of burning flames. Although you may have to battle your way through some photographers, this unique experience is too precious to miss out on!

Photo credit to Ian Parker. If you would like to visit, here are some details.

Morning Glory



You must be wondering if the above is a very long outstretched cloud. In fact, it is! They are known as ‘Morning Glory’, visible at the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia. Stretching as long as 1000 kilometres, they travel across the sky as a “spatial soliton”, a pulse that maintains it’s shape and form as it moves across the empty sky. While the formation of these clouds are unclear, they have attracted many to the small remote Burketown. Unlike the Firefall, you can actually dive into these clouds and surf them on a hang glider!

Photo credit to Dropbears.com

Then of course, there is my number one favourite—Hotel Igloo Village in Finland to observe nature’s most amazing light show.

So, what is your paradise?

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