DIY On the Go 

mBrace Your Mac


If you own a laptop, chances are you also own some sort of carrying case, but how often have you had to carry it from desk to desk, and it was just too much trouble to pack and unpack? What about walking over from one room to another, or even on the stairs? Well, I have witnessed a Macbook flying down the stairs (while it was being used as a ‘tray’ for two iPhones, and for those of you who have asked me how I broke my iPhone screen, the answer is ‘yes’). Although that was a bit of an extreme case, I guess we have all encountered situations where we wish for a less awkward way to carry our laptop around.

DIY Sustainability 

IdeaPaint Everywhere


Imagine if you can turn every surface into a canvas and unleash your creative ideas on the wall in front of you without having to worry about the clean up afterwards. I am not talking about vandalizing your neighbour’s garage door, but transforming your room into a giant whiteboard with IdeaPaint.

Although it may not be a simple product, the idea is simple: a paint that you can apply to any surface and turn it into a dry-erase whiteboard.

On the Go 

Samsung Gadgets at Holiday Preview


Vidafine has recently been invited to a Samsung preview showcasing their lineup of products for the holiday season. As the self-proclaimed geek at Vidafine + prospective owner of the Galaxy Tab, I of course signed myself up for this opportunity. While I was definitely planning to spend some quality time with the newcomer to the tablet family, I also promised myself to give all the other gadgets the attention that they deserve. Here are the toys that really wow’ed me.

Augmented Reality 

3D Stop Motion with the iPad

embedded by Embedded Video

Now that is magical. I am referring to the above short film by BERG and Dentsu London, a creative exploration of the theme ‘making future magic’.

In a world that is increasingly populated with electronic displays of various sizes, it’s hard to imagine how city life would be without these ‘glowing rectangles’. Or, on the other hand, what would media look like beyond exploring the world though these two-dimensional portals? So starting with a device that embodies many aspects of modern media, the team has created this stop-motion film not on the iPad, but with the iPad.

Nanotechnology Sustainability 

Circuits of Light


When was the last time you shared massive amounts of photos though Facebook? Streamed YouTube videos through your smart phone? Downloaded a HD video?

There is no doubt that we are moving towards an increasingly interactive web loaded with rich media content. The industry that makes this all possible is collectively called Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). As I was streaming those wonderful World Cup games with just about every other person in the office, I wondered how much energy resources I was consuming, and I tried to put a number on it…

Back to Basics Sustainability Synergy The Great Outdoors 

The Body, Mind and Spirit Resort


When Geoff McCabe first drove into Montezuma, Costa Rica, he knew without a doubt that this was the place he was meant to be in. As fate would have it, the construction of his personal residence eventually turned into a full resort and yoga retreat center which has gained much attention since it’s opening. In a land where becoming the world’s first carbon neutral country is a national priority, Geoff has made it his mission to bring this priority to the international forefront with his vision for the Anamaya Resort.

CBE Winners + Sneak Peek of Next Giveaway

The day has come to finally announce the winners of the CBE + Vidafine Giveaway which had over 200 participants! Congrats to Lori Clark and Debra P, the two winners of this giveaway! Lori will receive 2 T-shirts chosen from Clothing Brand Experiment‘s collection, while Debra will receive a hoodie of her choice also from CBE. Thanks for all who participated and I am sure our friends over at CBE appreciate all the great comments you guys left for them =)

We are now busy preparing for our next giveaway.. here is a sneak peek. Any ideas?


Stay tuned!

Augmented Reality Nanotechnology 

Claytronic Kitchen Wall


I am sure everyone has been exposed to LEGO blocks at some point in their life. If not, have a peek here. Now just imagine the LEGO pieces floating in mid-air, organizing themselves into small clusters, and then stacking themselves to look like entire LEGO cities. The Rise of the LEGO Blocks may sound like a nightmare for some, but for the guys at Carnegie Mellon and the many Claytronics researchers worldwide, it’s an exciting idea with endless possibilities.