Make Your Home Renovation Eco-Friendly

Sharon from Interior Design Degree is our honorary guest writer on Vidafine focusing on eco-friendly interior design alternatives. Interior Design Degree aims to provide aspiring interior designers with information on how to get started.

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Image courtesy of Eco Construction.

The need to go green has spread far and wide and people are beginning to understand that they must play their part in helping our environment by not only getting involved in eco-friendly activities but also by adopting such measures in their daily lives as well. The focus on new buildings and houses constructed these days revolves not just around design and comfort but also around energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. If your home is an energy-guzzling monster that does not allow you to adopt green measures, here’s your chance to change to green when remodeling or renovation time comes around.


Master Noodle Pop Up Restaurant


Photos courtesy of FashionSnap.

I’ve always felt that there’s a strong connection between Streetwear fashion and Street Food, as they share a lot of similarities between them.  Raw. Honest. To the point. And while ramen may not constitute street food in the most typical sense, it is one of those soulful comfort foods which is modest yet hard to do really well. So naturally, I am not all that surprised when I heard that esteemed fashion brand Mastermind will be opening a pop up restaur-shop for ramen noodles.

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Christmas Wishlist 2010 ($30 or more)

glasbergen_christmasImage from Randy Glasbergen.

As the countdown to Christmas nears, we continue with our wishlist of goodies. So for those of you who still have some last minute shopping to do, or need some ideas as to what to ask for this Christmas, enjoy this list.

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Christmas Wishlist 2010 ($30 or less)

christmas_comicImage from Randy Glasbergen.

It’s that time of year again where we always talk about how giving is better than receiving and the season is really more about family than presents. However at the end of the day, we all struggle to get our stressful Christmas shopping out of the way. So we at Vidafine have compiled our annual list of goodies on our wish list. So for all our loyal readers who need some ideas for last minute shopping (or if you’d like to shoot some presents our direction) we present to you this list.

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Crowdsourcing Audio Designs

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Whether you realize it or not, technological advancements (particularly the web) has made the world we live in smaller. And by smaller, I mean everyone is so much more connected, easing the flow of communications and participation amongst people from different corners of the world. AudioDraft out of Finland looks to take advantage of this through connecting producers of audio content with musicians.

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Lomography Sprocket Rocket


Digital cameras have taken the selectiveness out of photography. Being able to snap countless pics without having to worry about conserving film to catch that perfect moment certainly takes away from the spectacularity of it. And this is the precise reason that analog film cameras continue to hold that special place in my heart.

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Visionary: jeffstaple of Staple Design


I first heard the name jeffstaple and learned about his works back in the sneaker-hysteria days which has palpably cooled off in recent years. On the now defunct blog To Darrin Hudson, he was generously giving away his shoe collection because he was contemplating a move to Japan – which in the end didn’t go through. Being the shoe lover that I was, I anxiously put forth my bid for a pair of his collection. Unfortunately for me, I was unable to get my hands on a pair of his prized collection but fortunately for the city of NYC, he stayed and was able to bless the city with his designs, and projects.

Since then, he’s come a long way – opening one of NYC’s most unique shopping experiences in the Lower East Side, a magazine mirroring the ideology of the store, a successful clothing line which has made its way to several continents, and of course his forward thinking company which is at the heart of it all, Staple Design.

Below is an interview with Jeff that really gives us a glimpse of his beginnings and how you can never really escape who you are or what you’re meant to do.

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Interactive Arcade Fire Music Video

Picture via Blurasis’ Flickr

One thing that crowdsourcing really brings to the table is the human interaction in the otherwise one directional conversations that occur through various channels of media. Users have been empowered with the ability to more than have a say, and actually have a hand in the creation of the final product. Take a look at music videos for instance. Traditionally, it has been musicians putting together a short flick for the viewer’s pleasure. But as usual, the advancements of technology have lubricated the engine for interaction between the makers and users. Take acclaimed Canadian indie rock band, Arcade Fire for instance. They recently released a music video – but with a slight twist.