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Photo Courtesy of Droog.com

We’ve talked about these MUJI and Echo Design touchscreen gloves before and since then, there seems to have been a variety of similar type products on the market. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet and grabbed yourself a pair, you are in luck! Vidafine is giving away the Glovetip, an alternative to the touchscreen gloves that is a simple accessory for your already existing pair of gloves/mitts.

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Ecriture Infinie

We’ve all heard of time capsules, those tin boxes that people bury with their most prized possessions only to dig them up years later. The items inside the capsule bring meaning and life to days passed, mostly to the individual who buried it in the first place. But what if you could leave your mark in the world for all to see? Something that you or those who come after you could look at and learn from?

Back in 2006, artist Bili Bidjocka and curator Simon Njami began travelling the world and inviting various creative personalities to write in blank pages of enormous books. They started in Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum and from there, went on a journey around the world.

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Paper Punk

When I was in high school (x amount of years ago), one of the biggest crazes was origami. Origami is the art of folding pieces of paper to make it look like a 3D structure. The most popular ones are either the crane, stars or boats but there are various others and you’d be surprised with what a sheet of paper can create.

This fad, like any other, has since died out but it isn’t completely gone. You may still receive a glass bottle of a thousand cranes on Valentine’s Day or be involved in a project where you fold them for a cause.

Grace Hawthorne is ready to bring it back to life with her Paper Punk building toys. It’s paper-based and the only thing you need is a little imagination.

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VUE by Issey Miyake


A few years back, watches used to be the convenient way to tell time. They used to be on everyone’s wrists but a clock seems to be the standard on any electronic device nowadays. So companies have been looking at ways to design watches that have the ‘wow’ factor, in hopes of regaining the public interest again.


OCE Discovery 2011


Discovery 2011 by Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) is a technology conference held in Ontario every year. This year, Vidafine was invited to join in on exploring the cutting-edge technologies across various industries and see what presenters from different backgrounds have to offer.


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Edible Forks and Spoons


If you don’t know already, I’m a huge foodie and find it extra amusing when I hear news or trends about food. I stumbled upon this while browsing through my RSS feeds and thought that it is ingenious! I assumed that something like this has to have been created already but after doing a quick Google search, everything linked me back to the Poilâne Forks and Spoons.

Poilâne is a French bakery that is known for making delicious breads, pastries, desserts and spreads. They have two stores in France and one in London. They have come up with a new and innovative way for people to eat desserts and appetizers and that’s their flavoured forks (the more popular ones) and spoons.

Augmented Reality Nanotechnology 

AR Walker


While we all pray for Japan and other unfortunate countries, let us feature them for gracing us with another one of their brilliant inventions. I think it’s a great idea and could prove to be very useful (especially for us girls that recognize landmarks rather than street names).

If you’re like me, when someone asks you for directions, you’ll respond with something like “Keep going straight until you see McDonald’s. Turn right and make a left at the police station”. Sometimes, it can get confusing and when I get instructions with street names, I feel myself looking at the paper every two minutes – and that can be dangerous if you’re driving. It’s especially nerve racking when it’s your first time there and you don’t want to be late but it’s unknown territory.


Ji Ga Zo


A few years ago, framing your puzzles was a huge craze. I remember there used to be a store I’d pass by that would sell authentic Disney and Sanrio Japanese puzzles that you could frame, and they would come in all sorts of sizes. I actually have a Winnie the Pooh one hanging above my bed and a Hello Kitty one above my dresser. That store has since closed down and puzzles seem to have gone back into hiding. That is, until Hasbro thought it would be a great idea to bring them back with Ji Ga Zo!