Augmented Reality 

Laser Graffiti

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There’s nothing like a good aerosol can, but for those who don’t feel like incriminating themselves with paint on their hands, there’s a new way of putting up graffiti. Gather a projector, a camera, a laptop and a laser pointer, and you could put up a piece on any heaven spot that your heart desires. How about these buildings at the University of Toronto….?

The Great Outdoors 

Taliesin Shelters

Sidy Shelter Evening

Remember university living? I remember the residence I stayed at in first year – it was your typical university dorm with your standard bed and your standard desk and your standard ugly lighting. And don’t get me started on the food. One of the more redeeming qualities about it though, was the view from the window out into the quad of a quiet little sanctuary in the heart of a roaring city. So, I was curious as to what dormitories were out there and I ran across this one. These are the student designed and built shelters at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture out in Scottsdale Arizona. Talk about appropriate.


All-in-one Lawn, Battery and Coffee Table


It doesn’t seem straightforward having a lawn growing in your living room – but what if that lawn could generate enough power to charge a cellphone. And let’s mash that idea up into a coffee table – just so that it’s not so alarming when someone finds a lawn in your living room. As hard it is to believe that such an idea can ever be possible, the guys at Nectar Design have put together this coffee table that not only replenishes the oxygen in your room with grass, but it can also charge up your cell phone using microbial fuel cell technology. Say hello to the Voltpot.

Augmented Reality 

Through the Looking Glass


There was certainly a lot of hype leading up to the launch of Apple’s newest gadget, the iPad which was announced a couple of weeks ago. Almost everyone was predicting Apple was going to roll out this revolutionary device. But when Apple unveiled the iPad’s specs, I kinda sat there with a somewhat dumbfounded look that read “that’s it?” It felt like a giant bubble burst above my head of all these fantastic concepts that I, and others envisioned the iPad to be and all we were left with was this giant iPhone. Nevertheless, when it comes to revolutionary and the type of applications that the iPad and iPhone has the potential for, it always brings me back to Mac Funamizu’s amazing concept, the Looking Glass.

Augmented Reality 

The Walls Are Alive!

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vimeo Direkt
by NuFormer

Talk about adding dimensions to a wall – these two videos demonstrate how digitally created objects can interact with real world spaces such as these public buildings. So, what you are viewing aren’t special effects applied to the video – they’re actual video animations projected onto the building itself. That means if you were actually there, you could see giant balls tumbling down from the roof of a building or a mysterious glowing ball of light floating around the columns of a building (assuming you’re looking at it from the right angle I believe). NuFormer Digital Media were the ones who used some fancy 3D video projection to alter our perception in the real world. It definitely seemed convincing when that building looked like it was collapsing, but don’t take my word for it – go check out the video.


Sculpting Paper


So is paper becoming less and less important as we move over to the computer screens? While we still seem quite content with it, (e.g. like in our recent post) so too are some artists. For some of these artists, paper might be the new clay. With a couple sheets of paper and a bit of glue, amazingly elaborate paper sculptures are taking form. Sure, you might be thinking “oh, but we already have origami and paper airplanes.” But these two artists made me do a double take of how they were “sculpting” from paper.

The Great Outdoors 

Hotel Igloo Village

Catching one of nature’s jaw-dropping light shows, the auroras, can be a chilly experience, especially in the northern hemisphere. Away from the distracting city lights and city comforts and into dark, cold wilderness can be a daunting experience for some. So for those of us who would still like to catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring northern lights, but would prefer to be relatively warm, there is a place out in northern Finland, amongst the reindeer, where you can find a field of igloos. Except the igloos here are not made from snow.

On the Go 

Go Mobile!

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