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Blissful Luxury Eco-Travel at Soneva Kiri


Since our last post about eco-travel just south of the American border, we’ve discovered another gem, this time on the other side of the globe in Thailand, known as Soneva Kiri, which is part of the Six Senses Spa and Development Company. With its stunning architecture, meticulous attention to detail and of course, its eco-friendly practices towards luxury travel, it is simply nothing short of spectacular. Considering the amount of carbon fumes emitted during travel time to get here, it’s nice to know I can make up for my environmental negligence during my stay.


Situated on the Thai island of Koh Kood, on the southeast side of the Gulf of Siam, 70% of it’s area is made up of tropical rainforests, while the rest is made up of white sandy beaches. The materials used in the making of this luxury resort are what make it eco-luxe. Its zero-emission Eco Villa is built from locally-sourced stone, mud and timber. Each villa also has a 209 square metre natural swimming pool which is self-cleaned by resident plants surrounding it. As you enjoy your stay at the resort, the villa is hard at work, harvesting rainwater in tanks and capturing sunlight to fuel the solar power lighting used at the facility.


As you travel from place to place at the resort, you can either walk or use the electric buggy, without fear of polluting the delicate environment. They’ve also set up a state-of-the-art observatory and an outdoor cinema, Cinema Paradiso, to lure guests outdoors at night for the ultimate zero carbon emitting leisure activity… stargazing (my favourite!).


What I especially like about this resort is the whimsical ‘Den’ (which reminds me of this library..), a play area for children with an environmental awareness theme, since its never too early to start making children aware of how to best protect their surrounding environment. Located on a rocky slope close to the sea, the dome-shaped play area is made from locally found bamboo. The design of the structure makes the whole thing act like a big umbrella, providing shade and protection from the elements when necessary, while its open design allows natural airflow and light to seep into the space.


When all is said and done and you’ve built up a mighty appetite, they’ve also got treetop dining options for you and up to three guests in what they call, ‘Tree Pods’ serving organically grown produce. Waiters arrive on wires and serve up delicious meals. Getting to and from the treetop is quite an adventure in itself, for those who have experienced and enjoy zip-lining you will be excited about this dining experience!

Who says you can’t enjoy life while saving the planet?

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