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Out of Print is Fashion Forward


No matter what field you’re in now, think back to the time when you were required to take those dreaded (or beloved) English classes in high school; the presentations, the seminars and the essays! To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, Catcher in the Rye and many more have been familiar titles dubbed literary classics. Being forced to read them may have been a drag for many, but some of them may have become others very own classics. To help individuals recall these memories of days passed, a company called Out of Print Clothing has created “intelligent” literary fashion out of 100 per cent cotton for those looking for a blast from the past.


Created by Philadelphia based designer Mickey Burton for a graduate thesis, the illustrations on these men and women’s shirts reflect his love of 70′s rock posters and the classic stories listed above. Burton says that he was never a big reader and regrets it. He hopes to promote reading with young adults by making it more appealing. Out of Print has also recently launched their Kid’s Line for the little ones who will no doubt, be reading some of these classics in the near future too.


People nowadays seem to be so wrapped up with technology and what’s new, that they forget about the old. So many new gadgets, technologies, people; it’s easy to be swept up by everything. It’s refreshing to think about the old once in a while and escape from the obsession with what’s to come next. Because let’s face it, a lot of us are also getting older with each passing day and we don’t want to be forgotten!


So is there anything from your past that you’d like to see again? A toy? TV series perhaps?

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