Finger Licking Good – For the Environment

KFC packaging

Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC as it is more famously known, doesn’t just offer us finger licking good chicken by the bucket anymore. After consuming every last calorie, we can now save our foods in the very container that they will come in. Yes, containers! KFC restaurants across the US are introducing what’s believed to be the fast food industry’s first consumer-reusable food container.

KFC Container

KFC’s step towards the right direction is actually quite the stride. In addition to introducing containers, the largest chicken restaurant chain plans to reduce its use of non-renewable resources by replacing plastic plates with paper serving boxes and to eventually eliminate foam packaging. The Senior Marketing Manager for KFC believes “this is the first meaningful introduction of reusable food containers in the fast food industry. By the end of this year, KFC US will reduce foam packaging use by 62% and reduce total plastic use by 17%.”


This new packaging is more than green – it actually won a 2010 Green Package Award in the category of Food & Pharmaceutical Packaging. The side dish container is made of 100% polypropylene, which is most commonly used in retail food storage containers, but the tight-fitting lid is one-of-a-kind. KFC has patented a technology that allows moisture to escape without a puncture hole in the container. A ‘ventless vent’ is what they call it. Plus with its microwaveable and dishwasher safe features, people just might not be able to contain themselves!

For more information on this initiative from KFC, please visit www.kfc.com/packaging.

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  • http://www.mikewong.ca Michael

    nice article, pris! although this is good news, the industry as a whole is pretty late to the party and they have a lot of room for improvement. nonetheless, as you said, it's a step in the right direction. :)

  • http://slowhomestudio.com/ Matthew @ Slow Home

    Great – environmentally friendly containers for food that has little to no nutritional value and is one of the primary contributors to excessive obesity and early onset diabetes!