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Electree Solar Charging Station

Inspired by nature and the process of photosynthesis, this usb charging station has been designed to look and act like a bonsai tree. Electree as it is called, was designed by French designer Vivien Muller based in Metz. It has taken Muller 3 years to perfect this design as he wanted to incorporate as much of his ecological inspiration, aesthetic vision and practical functionality prior to its release. I love the look of this product and the meaning behind it.

The 27 ‘leaves’ or solar panels on this charging station can move according to the owner’s desires to create a variety of different ‘looks’. The collected sunlight is then reserved in the 13 500 mAh battery located under the panel of the bonsai. After less than 36 hours of sunshine, the battery is fully charged and ready to transfer battery life to various usb devices such as cellphones and music players. It takes only a few hours to fully charge an iPhone for example.

The Electree is for indoor use only, and retails for approximately $416 CAD through Mister Ecologie. It will be available for mass public purchase at the end of this year (they have just finished their pre-sale). If only it didn’t cost so much…

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