The Great Outdoors 

The Treehotel in Sweden

I love tree houses! There is something nostalgic about those tiny houses perched high up in the trees overlooking serene surroundings. The Treehotel is located in Harads, near the Lule river, about 100 kilometers from Luleå airport, in Sweden. There’s no better way to experience nature than to be one with nature. Inspired by “The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen, the Treehotel hopes to connect humans to the significance of trees in our world. Don’t be fooled though, design and comfort are not compromised here. Together with some of Scandinavia’s leading architects, these “treerooms” have been uniquely designed to suspended 4-6 meters above ground – all with spectacular views of the Lule River. The company also places high regard for ecological values and takes caution in their construction and operation of the hotel.

Upon checking in at Brittas Hostel, where you have your meals and entertainment, you are brought to one of the 24 rooms available at Treehotel. With names like the Cabin, the Mirrorcube, the Bird’s Nest, the Blue Cone and the UFO, each with their own unique features and story, how can you not wonder what it would be like to spend a few days up there?

The Cabin: A simple design that’s like a capsule, a cozy rest stop for travelling couples.

The Mirrorcube: An interesting reflective structure that’s just as cool to look at from the outside as it is from the inside.

The Bird’s Nest: Designed to resemble a real life bird’s nest. This interior fits 4 so it’s perfect for a small family!

The Blue Cone: Not sure why it’s not actually called the Red Cone, but nonetheless, the vibrant red colour definitely stands out among the trees.

The UFO: Looks like a place out of a movie. The interior even compliments the theme of the house with constellation sheets!

Other activities at the hotel include use of the Tree Sauna or building your own igloo and even ice fishing during the winter months.

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