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OCADU Feature: Rovell

Rovell – Jenny (Soo Jung) Park


For anyone who has moved between cities before, they have probably experienced major headaches over their furniture. Selling and throwing away old furniture or buying furniture for the new place may be stressful for many. Jenny Soo Jung Park has come up with Rovell, a modular furniture rental system for globetrotters – those who travel frequently and stay for short periods of time.

Rovell is made up of various modular components that is assembled by tool-free nuts and bolts. The system includes parts for a bed, table, stood, shelf, hanger, closet and more. When collapsed for transit, the parts form the shape of a dolly, allowing users to carry their all-in-one bedroom with ease.

As a rental system, users are able to acquire and return the furniture set to the local store in their city, eliminating the hassle of selling, disposing, or buying furniture. The convenience of this system also prevents unnecessary waste and burden to the local landfills, and not to mention, it saves the wallet too. Simply a sustainable and reliable solution for the young explorer.

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Vidafine had a chance to speak with Jenny to better understand her thesis project and her thoughts on being a designer.

Can you share with us your experience in becoming an Industrial Designer, was it something you always wanted to do?

When I was growing up in Korea, I was already building little model houses out of corrugated boards. I think my interest in making things started at a very young age. And when I came to Canada for high school, I took all the art and design courses. I would even spend my lunch hours in empty art classrooms or photo darkrooms just so that I could keep making stuff. I had a lot of fun doing what I did, and it was then that I realized that I wanted to pursue my education in the design field.

How did you decide on the topic you would pursue for your thesis project?

I struggled with coming up with a thesis topic in the beginning. But after talking to some friends who graduated a few years ago, they advised me to pick something that I am really passionate about. After having a deeper look into what I was really interested in and where my inspiration came from, I figured out that I love to collect abandoned or second-hand furniture. Many of my friends, myself included, frequently have to move from place to place and we always have to stress about movers breaking our furniture. So with that being the inspiration for my project, I wanted my thesis to be about ‘how can a frequent mover like myself, move from one place to another without having to stress about selling furniture, arguing with movers and hassling to find a new place to live.’


What obstacles, if any, did you encounter during your design process and how did you go about resolving it?

The main obstacle I had was realizing that my research led to a design for a service, except I really wanted to build something physical in the end. It was difficult to combine and balance these two areas together, and it took some time to come up with a strong idea that met both the user needs and my own personal ambition.

What do you believe ‘good’ design is?

I believe good design is when it is so thoroughly thought out that no matter how many questions you have for the designer, they will have an answer for you. It doesn’t have to mean that they are doing so to defend themselves, but it means that they truly understood the complexity of the problem, identified the underlying principles and executed an elegant solution that just makes sense.

Any tips for aspiring designers and individuals who plan to pursue Industrial Design?

I’ll have to say that I’m still new to this and there’s still a lot to learn. So all I have to say is to be passionate and be interested in design, that is the only way to keep learning. Also, be confident in your own ideas so that when it comes to decision making, you can follow your guts. The best ideas come from unexpected places, so break out of comfort zones and be as crazy and wild as you can with your ideas.

Jenny’s thesis project Rovell was exhibited at the Rocket Show in May and was one of the many OCADU students who received awards. Her project received three awards at the show! Congratulations Jenny and thanks for taking the time to share your thesis with us!

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