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A Sweet Augmented Reality


For those of you that don’t know, Augmented Reality is a concept that has taken the world over by storm. It’s hard to explain in a few words but basically, it’s when electronic elements are augmented in real time to make it seem as if they are actually there when they aren’t. The result is technology enhancing one’s perception of reality.

We here at Vidafine even have “Augmented Reality” as a buzzword because we think it’s so important. Most of our posts at the moment talk about AR in a visual aspect. Not too long ago, Keio University in Japan created TagCandy, a lollipop that allows users to taste different sensations through taste.

Users put the lollipop candy on a stick of some kind. That stick then connects to a computer and allows you control what you are tasting by controlling the vibrations. If you want the taste of fizzy soda of apple, that can be done through computer programming.

You can also program it so that you can “taste” fireworks and explosions in your mouth. Not the usual flavours that you can taste but people have claimed to actually taste fireworks.

This is something different and a twist on what already exists. This would definitely help those trying to diet and wanting to satisfy their donut, cake and candy cravings. They haven’t said what they plan to do with this but for now, it seems like something fun for people to experiment with.

For more information, check this Youtube video out as the researchers describe it more in detail.

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  • http://twitter.com/Dezigngossip Simon Hodges

    FAN – tastic

  • Patrick S.

    The idea that we will be able to taste our food through a computer is very interesting to me.  The next step would be to develop a way to imply the texture of the food as it plays such a major role in the eating experience.  I certainy would’t mind giving this lollipop a try though.