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Presso the Coffee Pump


Ah, coffee. What I wouldn’t do for a fresh cup every morning. Many of you probably have your coffees ready at the push of a button. But if you ask any real coffee drinker, they’ll tell you the best find is the one you make yourself. The Presso takes it to another level as it redefines the term do-it-yourself.

With it’s sleek design, the Presso actually takes less time to prepare than those clunky machines. It also takes up less space and has no long cords. Because it doesn’t have to be plugged in at all, this machine is very environmentally friendly; even the used coffee grinds go into the compost bin.


Given that you already have coffee grinds, your espresso will be ready in two easy steps. After packing the grinds into the chrome filter, tighten it onto the bottom of the machine. Add boiling water up to the indicated single or double lines. Lift the levers, push down and watch it drip! You can easily control the strength of your coffee as well by the strength of your push. Pretty neat huh?

Crafted from recyclable aluminum, it will help you quite a bundle on your next energy bill and bring a smile to your face. If you still aren’t excited, each Presso machine also comes with a free milk frother and a two-cup adapter.


For $150 on their website, the Presso really is a great idea because they are taking something so common and making it eco-friendly. Millions everyday wake up to a cup of coffee and if everyone had one of these in their homes, can you imagine what the outcome would be?

To better understand how the Presso works, here’s a video review by Holstee and Dear Coffee, I Love You.

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  • tif

    While it sounds all eco-friendly with no power cords etc.. you do need to boil the water some how. It's not a cup of coffee that doesn't require power.

  • http://www.industrialsuppliescorp.com Dale

    It also seems like an awful lot of trouble for a cuppa.

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    I believe some things are better off done manually. My coffee maker has so many useless options and a counter-intuitive interface that makes it more annoying than convenient. I don't mind doing a bit of work to have a good coffee. (Of course, that is assuming what comes out of this tastes good, as I have never tried it personally.)

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    There is no free coffee =P

    Apart from heating the water, Espresso machines often rely on a pump to drive water through the ground coffee. Boiling of the water is transferred to the kettle, but the “work” to force that water through the coffee is performed by YOU with the Presso design.

    On a side note, coffee makers are actually one of the more power-hungry household appliances. Those ones with the heated plate draw hundreds of watts to the lower kW range. So don't leave them on all day!

  • http://twitter.com/manleyh Manley H

    You do use a little elbow grease but I think it has more pros than cons in the end :) .

  • Trent Jordan Vancouver

    Millions everyday wake up to a cup of coffee and if everyone had one of these in their homes,…their lives can become easier..

  • crowdSPRING

    I love coffee… cant start my day without a cup of coffee…this coffee pump will really be helpful for me…i would surely go for it..it will save lot of time…

  • Allisonsharpe

    I love my Presso. I’ve had it for about two years now and use it multiple times a day. Actually, right now there are 5 coffee drinkers in the house who all use it multiple times a day. I’m a coffee lover and I wouldn’t have my coffee any other way. The first time I tried using my friend’s Presso on a road trip, I couldn’t believe how tasty it was. By the time we reached our destination in BC (my Presso experience was in Marathon, ON) we had ordered one and it was already on it’s way to us. Our Presso travels really well, and is wonderful for camping too. Whenever I visit my family’s cabin, we boil water over the fire and have a nice americano. I just can’t say enough about it…

    Pairs well with Kicking Horse Coffee!
    I also make the best iced coffee with it. Fill your glass with ice (right to the top), place under the Presso, pour your shot over the ice and a splash of cream at the end.

    You get the picture. I love my Presso.

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    I am a die heart lover of coffee, so holding that post I love this coffee grinder.

  • http://www.fragrancelagoon.ie/ shop online

    This is so easy to operate and looks dam new and amazing. I need it asap! thanks for the informative post!

  • http://www.maxfurnitureonline.com/ Max Furniture

    Well i love having coffee! this coffee pump is really a good way to ease coffee making and also will save time! It is always a pleasure to read..thanks.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jagad_guru Kripalu ji Maharaj

    It is eco-friendly actually, which will force me to buy it ab I am a coffee lover and I require coffee 5 times in a day and that too of my hand!

  • http://twitter.com/manleyh Manley H

    That’s a good point, the Presso would be great for road trips and traveling! 

  • http://www.encyclopediaofauthentichinduism.org/author.htm Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj

    The first time I tried using my friend’s Presso on a road trip, I couldn’t believe how tasty it was.