Ji Ga Zo


A few years ago, framing your puzzles was a huge craze. I remember there used to be a store I’d pass by that would sell authentic Disney and Sanrio Japanese puzzles that you could frame, and they would come in all sorts of sizes. I actually have a Winnie the Pooh one hanging above my bed and a Hello Kitty one above my dresser. That store has since closed down and puzzles seem to have gone back into hiding. That is, until Hasbro thought it would be a great idea to bring them back with Ji Ga Zo!


Now, I have no idea where they got the name but the concept is really unique and interesting. You basically have 300 pieces with little symbols on them that are camouflaged into each piece. You upload a photo to the given software and it will provide you with a symbol map to follow and re-construct your photo out of puzzle pieces!


Most puzzles only make one picture, but with the Ji Ga Zo, you can make hundreds; the possibilities are endless! You can be creative and try to challenge yourself with a scenic photo. And if you really like how a particular photo turned out, you can frame it. The kits costs $25 so it isn’t too expensive given the things you can do with it.

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What’s something you’d make with the Ji Ga Zo?

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