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Edible Forks and Spoons


If you don’t know already, I’m a huge foodie and find it extra amusing when I hear news or trends about food. I stumbled upon this while browsing through my RSS feeds and thought that it is ingenious! I assumed that something like this has to have been created already but after doing a quick Google search, everything linked me back to the Poilâne Forks and Spoons.

Poilâne is a French bakery that is known for making delicious breads, pastries, desserts and spreads. They have two stores in France and one in London. They have come up with a new and innovative way for people to eat desserts and appetizers and that’s their flavoured forks (the more popular ones) and spoons.


They are a family-owned factory that’s been around for centuries but wanted to combine old-world techniques with today’s innovative ways. With the present being all about making life easier and being on-the-go, it was only natural for them to create a spoon that you do not have to wash or throw out.

They use rye flour and combine it various flavours. They started out with curry flavoured spoons, which go great with hummus or Indian food, and are now offering parmesan flavoured forks to go with picnics and barbecues. In May, they will introduce cherry flavoured spoons for those delectable cakes and stirring your coffee.

Although they do have an online store that you can order their breads from (they are world-famous after all), the spoons and forks are only available in their stores. Box sets vary from 7-8 pounds ($12-14 USD) and come in sets of either 14 or 18.

It’s a tiny step in cutting down on disposable cutlery, but in a very delicious way (so I’ve heard). The downfall though, is having to buy them again and again, since they are definitely not reusable and you may actually crave for them… To learn more about the factory and their breads, here’s a little video. And if you find something similar where you live, let us know!

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