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How to Build a Small Village


It’s like a Lego set except it’s life sized and extremely useful towards building a ‘small civilization with modern day comforts.’ Open Source Ecology is a movement driven by the efforts of farmers, engineers and supporters focused on developing tools for replicable, open source, modern off grid “resilient communities.” They firmly believe that “everyone in the world should have access to the technologies they need to escape poverty.” Using their open source industrial machines as a guide, one needs only to secure the scrap metal necessary and put in the labor in order to create fully functional farming and industrial equipment. From tractor pulls and bulldozers to hay balers and saw mills, this collection named the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) includes all the necessities to create a small village.


Living in a North American society we rarely touch upon the difficulties concerning building a place of residence. We can rent or mortgage residences that are fully constructed and built. With 640 million of the worldwide population living without an adequate form of shelter, the concerns of how to build a place to live are very real and need to be addressed. This accounts to one out of every three children living in the developing world and having to grow up without a proper home.


Open Source Ecology provides a step by step guide in order to build and construct each piece of industrial machinery that makes up the GVCS. After all the scrap labor costs are factored, machines can be built for a fraction of the cost. The open source approach already exists for many things like operating systems, applications and programs, however this is a first for farming related equipment. With the collaborative effort of like minded individuals focused on helping people around the world escape poverty, we can climb towards the goal of truly making this world a better place.

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One of the greatest difficulties Open Source Ecology is encountering is capturing peoples’ awareness and getting them to think outside of the box. The concept of open source model machines to construct villages in developing countries is not always the easiest to explain or even accept. To create villages that are fully sustainable, regenerative, resilient and leave a low carbon footprint is not something that everyone can buy into. To combat this perception, the group is testing the tools in a practical manner by building a real community. They are also putting forth a great effort in educating the public by creating Explainer Videos that help people grasp their concepts. If you’d like to help, feel free to join the conversation and support this cause at Open Source Ecology’s main site. You can make a difference; Open Source Ecology certainly is.


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