DIY Synergy 

Design and Build with Lego and Muji


Though introduced last year, it seems more than ever that ‘Playing with Lego, Bricks and Paper’ a collaboration between iconic building block company Lego, and Japanese retail brand MUJI, is becoming more and more relevant. What’s even better is that according to their website, ‘Playing with Lego, Bricks and Paper’ is going to be available in mid January 2011 in various part of Europe and Taiwan, where it was once only available in Japan and the United States.


We talk a lot about DIY projects and how companies are working on introducing new concepts and ideas into their business models to capture niche markets. This collaboration seems to hit the spot in regards to reinventing a simple idea into something that can be newly appreciated for all ages.


With 5 different packaged sets to choose from, themes include Animal, Circus, Sea, Transparent and Christmas. My favourite is the transparent one (I’m thinking I could hang them across my window : P). You can either follow their sketches to create your objects or go crazy with your own imagination and create your own works of art! There’s a nice gallery of different works here to get your creative juices flowing. The catch however is that you must purchase the specific hole punch that is used to create to perfect holes for the Lego blocks to fit.


Here’s a video that shows how this whole thing works.

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For approximately $20-$30 USD, I’d say it’s a pretty neat gift for someone any time of the year. You can purchase yours online if you can’t wait for it to hit the shelves where you are.

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  • http://twitter.com/manleyh Manley H

    I think this is a really creative spin on a classic. I wish we had this when I was younger!